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I only use one photographic production laboratory for my prints and mounted works.  They are located in Melbourne, Australia.  They are a large, reputable and professional printer servicing pro photographers for years.


PRINT ONLY - using metallic photo paper

If I order your images as 'print only', what am I buying?

If you order any of my images as 'print only' you are buying a high quality and unique piece of photographic art printed on metallic paper with a proprietary combination of film laminate layers that create a 3-dimensional effect with a glossy finish.  All of my images are printed in high resolution up to 400dpi to reveal fine detail in critical aspects of the scene such as branched lightning.  From experience, my storm and fine art images look sensational printed on metallic paper and nothing else I've seen can achieve the striking, distinctive and eye-catching look of storm images on metallic paper!  Metallic paper is optimized for digital printing with increased colour gamut for rich impact and intense blacks and exceptional sharpness to enhance print appeal and the state-of-the-art paper emulsion technology ensures long-lasting prints.

Of course, ordering 'print only' means the print will be sent to you without a frame or mount.  It will arrive in sturdy packaging direct from the printer that I use and wow do they know how to pack their prints for transport!  The challenge will then be yours, to find the right type of frame in the right dimensions and at the right price and to locate a professional who can frame the image for you, for more money of course.  Framing large prints such as mine, in traditional frame designs and doing the job well is a skill learnt from experience and the results of framing prints without experience can often be quite poor with the print warping in the frame and being damaged.  I highly recommend using a professional framer.  The reality is however, once you pay for a good quality frame and the expertise of a skilled framer, the cost may not be much different and could even be more expensive than buying my images in acrylic mount form and going frameless.


ACRYLIC MOUNTING - frame-less photo art for your wall, ready to hang

Frameless art?

Acrylic mounting is the process of mounting acrylic as a solid, strong and clear surface to the front of a photographic print to protect the print against dirt and scratching, while increasing the visual effect of colour brilliance, intensity and saturation.  There is no traditional frame required because the 6mm thick, strong acrylic surface provides the rigidity required to keep the image perfectly flat and looking it's brilliant best.  And the best part in my opinion,  is the attractive, neat look of photographic art that sits almost flush on the wall unlike traditional frames that tend to protrude into the room and distract from the image itself.


But I've never heard of acrylic mounting!  what exactly am I paying for?

Apart from buying a high quality and unique piece of photographic art that looks modern, clean and spectacular, you are also buying a high quality, professional product that is frame-less, contains no dangerous glass and is 'ready to hang' as soon as it arrives at your house or business world-wide.  No more spending once you've paid for your order!!!! just plan which wall will be home to your new acrylic mounted print and then sit back and wait for the courier to arrive.

If you order one of my acrylic mounted prints, you can relax!  There'll be no hastles and wasted time searching far and wide for the right looking frame, in the right dimensions for a specific print and there'll be no need to spend big $$$ to buy a frame of reasonable quality, not to mention spending even more $$$ to have the print framed by a professional so that it is done correctly and will last for decades.

My acrylic mount prints come with split batons for easy attachment to the wall and they also allow you to easily remove the print from the wall as often as you like!  Perhaps you may wish to switch the location of several of my acrylic mount prints throughout your business or house from time to time.....



All prints and mounted acrylic products will be delivered via tracked shipping and courier services.  The items will be packed for the journey by the packaging experts at the photographic production lab and as I mentioned earlier, they can really package the goods well!  Once an order is received I will provide a time estimate for delivery to your location based on production estimates from the printer as well as shipping/courier estimates.