When I first started chasing storms in Australia and the USA, I never gave much thought to taking photographs and all the wonderful experiences I could capture in still images.

Instead, I was focused on catching video of supercells and tornadoes and nearly always had my video camera running during chases so I wouldn't miss a moment.  As my interest in storms and chasing evolved and I met other chasers who were using pro and semi-pro SLR cameras to catch incredible moments in time, I began discovering the beauty of the still image and it's certainly become my passion in chasing.  But I have never turned my back on video and always have a range of cameras capturing the chase on video including two Canon 6D's,  a Sony HD handycam and several HD GoPro cameras.

In the last few years I have taught myself how to edit and produce storm chase videos with a creative touch and several have been very popular on social media including one video that has been viewed over 3.65 million times.  I've also been fortunate to sell rights to use some of my video content in international documentary productions including a German TV production on severe weather and the National Geographic documentary 'Inside the Mega Twister' about the infamous and extraordinary El Reno tornado of May 31st 2013 - the widest tornado ever recorded.

All my video productions can be viewed from this page.  If you love an image on my site, the same storm may also feature in a video so if you have a moment after ordering a print and you want to see some incredible storm action, check the videos out and let me know what you think!

My videos can be shared through social media (with due credit) but are not for rebroadcast without my written consent.  All of my video content is available for use for a fee under license.  Please contact stormpics@thunderhunter.com if you would like to obtain a quote to use my video under license.